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Harley Chaps
Chaps are heavy leather pants, without padding around the backside (without a ‘seat’) or crotch which are worn over the top of ordinary pants for additional protection. Chaps are probably more commonly seen worn by Cowboys or ranch hands to protect their legs when riding horses. However, American bikers have also been wearing chaps since the 1960s. There are many different styles of chaps worldwide and these are used for many different activities. Harley Davidson produces their own chaps for men and women, which are functional, designed for safety and made to be worm by their motorcyclists and passengers. Harley Davidson motorcycle chaps are of the shotgun style.

Motorcycle Chaps
Also known as Stovepipes, the shotgun style are tight fitting to the leg for a snug and narrow fit. They come with zips and snaps for an adjustable fit and can have a stretchable fabric lining the chaps for additional comfort. Harley Davidson chaps are made from leather and can come with a variety of other components, such as thigh ventilations, lightweight body armor around the knees, pockets, reflective material and logos for illumination on the roadway, lacing and lining for added luxury, and belts and buckles for a secure fit.

Protective Clothing
Harley Davidson chaps provide protection from the wind, rain and cold and are ideal for trapping heat (around the legs) in freezing conditions. They would therefore be beneficial on long journeys or for touring in colder climates. The vents on Harley Davidson chaps could cool down the heat in warmer climates, but the tight leather fit would probably make them warm and uncomfortable - so ideally these would be worn in the winter. This type of clothing also acts as protection from bike accidents. If you were unfortunate enough to come off of your motorcycle, Harley Davidson chaps could prevent your legs from cuts and scratches.

Riding Pants Sizes
Most Harley Davidson chaps are made from cowhide (although HD do make their Women’s Cream City Chaps from Goatskin leather), which is strong and flexible. There are generally three lengths you can buy these in and they are short/petite inside leg (31”), regular (33”) and tall (35”). They can be bought with Harley writing down the side of the leg (women’s bling) or embroidered graphics on the leg or waist or they can be bought in plain black leather. No matter what the design, all Harley Davidson chaps look cool and stylish.

Harley Davidson Chaps

cheap chaps
Cheap Chaps
With over 100 years of history, Harley Davidson not only makes quality motorcycles, but apparel and riding gear too. Their chaps are no exception to the rule. When you buy genuine Harley Davidson merchandise, you may pay slightly more than from other suppliers but you get what you pay for. Harley Davidson protective gear is made to be durable and functional, but also look smart - certainly when you’re riding your bike or sitting on the back of your partners.


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  • Useful guide to Harley Davidson products and merchandise
  • Products loved by both men and women!
  • Find out about the huge range of products for fans of these cool motor cycles
  • Facts and Information about the most famous motor cycles in the world!
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