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Harley Covers
No matter what size Harley Davidson motorcycle you may have, there will be a Harley Davidson cover to keep it protected. Motorcycle covers come in all different shapes and sizes and some are a lot better quality than others. The Harley Davidson covers are made from high quality materials which will shield your beloved bike from damaging effects of rain, UV rays (sunlight) and dust/dirt. The covers are available in multiple colours (to match any theme you may have) and are designed for use inside and outside of the home. You can also order tailor made Harley Davidson covers if you need to guard your custom shaped Harley Davidson.

Covers Harley Davidson
As materials and fabrics are forever being improved, there are specific key features that you may wish to consider before choosing from one of many Harley Davidson covers. Good quality covers will have elastic round the front and rear for a tight and snug fit. This will prevent dust and dirt getting under the cover and onto your motorcycle. Double stitched seams are also a good idea, as are inner lining, air vents and durable tie down grommets. For a decent protection the fabric must also be of high quality - some suppliers make their covers out of similar materials on outdoor performance wear, such as weather proof jackets and pants (so water will drop off and not sit on the covers). Breathable fabric will allow any moisture and heat to escape so this may be worth looking out for on the covers description. You may also find it beneficial to ensure any Harley Davidson covers you purchase are easy to wash, clean and care for (for longevity).

Harley Davidson Cover - Super Shield Covers
Harley Davidson offers super shield covers, which are made from durable two layer fabrics. The outer layer is protective from any sun damage (fade resistant) and the urethane coating makes in water, dirt and stain resistant. The inner layer is a soft, yet strong paint friendly material which won’t scratch the body work. The seals, double stitching and venting system make these covers good for long term storage. In addition to these attributes, the covers also have elastic edging, securing grommets, a deluxe storage bag and official Bar and Shield logo (a high quality purchase).

Covers Harley Davidson

harley cover
Breathable Indoor Covers
Harley Davidson also offer breathable indoor storage covers and premium cotton indoor storage covers. The Harley Davidson breathable cover is created from non-abrasive and soft polyester which allows any condensation build-up to escape. This material is not water proof as it’s designed for long term indoor storage. A silk screened eagle logo and a storage pouch is included. The Harley Davidson premium cotton covers have the same spec but are softer and have the logo embroidered, as well as a bag for storage.
Air Box, Windshield
In addition to the covers already mentioned, Harley Davidson supply air box service covers (and bras), ‘one size fits all’ outdoor/indoor motorcycle covers with the eagle logo and cotton windshield storage bags. The air box cover is available to allow you to protect the paint work whilst servicing your motorcycle. With two layers, it softly sits on the air box with a fleece lining, whereas the outer material is an easy to clean vinyl surface. The Harley Davidson logo is featured on the top, magnets for anti-slide and pockets for keeping paperwork and small parts. The air box bra covers are protectors from scratches, caused by keys, zips, buckles and debris (stones, dirt, etc). The bra cover also includes an inner fleece and the Harley Davidson logo. The general indoor-outdoor cover fits all models. They are made from polyester, are water resistant and have exhaust heat shield panels however these are not designed for long term storage. The Harley Davidson cotton windshield cover storage bags allow you to remove and protect your windshield from scratches. Finally, Harley Davidson also offers a cover known as the ‘Harley Bubble’. These covers sit over the bike like a see-through bubble. Creating a constant flow of filtered air which makes the covers dust and condensation free, the bubble is a swish design. Its transparent coat also allows you to view the motorcycle in its entirety. These covers require electricity and air filters.


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